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Originally Posted by ayorofrance View Post
I had something similar happening... so might be a clue to this...

I started a new hosting account and the sites were all preforming horribly... if I openend multiple windows the response times would go down the drain in no time, and I'd get 500 Server error... this would happen in the WP Admin panel and on the site front-end too...

It turned out to be caused by Fast-CGI. My hosting provider only allocates a few (10-20) processes per shared server for Fast-CGI processing... and as it so happens the new server I was on was heavily loaded with other accounts that used Fast-CGI, so there were contention issues...

After turning off Fast-CGI the problem went away...

Might be worthwhile checking...

Sorry stupid question from a tech-noob
How do I turn off Fast-CGI?

My site has shared hosting on networksolutions and I have no idea, if I can turn it of, or if I need to ask the hosting company to do it for me.