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Default Processes hanging and everything crashing

I'm having a problem with processes hanging and it only happens with one of my shops that I just installed the plugin on. I went so far as to delete wordpress and reinstall everything but still the same problem.

I am hosted with Hostgator shared hosting. It allows 25 processes to be running at once and that seems to be enough because most processes last very short periods of time - fractions of a second.

If I load another datafeedr site, the processes don't even last long enough to be shown but with this site, whenever I load a page about 5 or six processes hang. Load it on more than one computer at the same time and it goes over 25 total processes and ALL my websites crash and there is an internal server error.

Any ideas? I can't figure out why it is just this one site and none of the others which are, as far as I can tell, configured the same way.


this is what it says under processes for the ones that are hanging:


it's this same process every time. I have tried hostgator support and they ask me what scripts are running etc but what do I know? I will keep trying with them too.