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Hi Brian

Rounded outline boxes for product lists is quite difficult. It will require the use of CSS 3 and will not be supported in every browser. Or you could use an image but that's even harder. For more information on CSS 3 rounded borders, try this: It's outside the scope of Datafeedr.

You can make all custom CSS edits here: The Factory > Your Store > Store menu > Custom CSS. When you add code here, it gets appended to the default CSS code for your store.

The default CSS code can be found here:

As per the nature of CSS, the last declaration of a CSS class or ID will overwrite any previous declaration of that class or ID.

So, if you want to change the size of the price, you would add the following code to the Custom CSS area:

#view .pl .t1 .bdr .prc {font-size: 22px;}

(providing that you are using Template 1 to display your products)