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Originally Posted by williamsmark View Post
1) Some of the merchants that I have added have small images. Is there any manual way I can over-right the image being used? They have large images on their site for the product.

Due to the fact I have no more than 300 products I am happy to do a product by product work-around.

I am trying to get 300x300 pixel images for all of the products I am listing
Yes, you can click the "more info" link for each product in the factory and input your own URL to a large image.

Originally Posted by williamsmark View Post
2) I am using All-In-One-SEO. However no matter what I try I can't get the Categories <title> to be exactly what I want. I am always getting a space and a pipe on the end. Is there a method of manually editing the Title of each category page?
Did you disable AIOSEO on the store page?

This is covered in this video at about the 3 minute mark but it's probably best to watch the whole video as it covers lots of good stuff.