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Originally Posted by Eric View Post
The filters aren't working on your homepage because there are no products from your store being displayed. To really take full advantage of using the merchant filters (or any of the filters), they should be placed on your store category pages and/or on your store front page. But you have not exposed any of those filters on those pages.

I suggest using something like the Widget Context plugin to expose filters on specific pages.

I've covered how to do all of that in this tutorial: /showthread.php?t=3853 Take a look at that tutorial because it seems I do a lot of stuff in that tutorial that you are trying to do yourself.
Okay, I can try this. Two questions though:

a) Can I put in a specific style of a brand in the Men's Category --take for example your sunglass brand "Frog Skin." Let's pretend Frog Skin is a men's shoe brand -- since my store is shoes -- Frog Skin has ten different shoes styles for men, but I only want to add these two pretend shoe styles 1) Frog Skin Tadpole and Frog Skin Pappa Frog, is it possible to get that specific in the category rather than setting it up so that every single Frog Skin pair of men's shoes shows up?

b) when you say you haven't exposed any of the filters on the page -- can you clarify exactly what you mean by that?

I hope this makes sense.