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Originally Posted by Eric View Post
You need to add a Datafeedr > Categories widget to your sidebar to get the categories to appear in your sidebar.
I added it in but I'd like it to be up where it says NARROW SHOE STORE CATEGORIES instead way down lower. Do you know why it's not allowing me to place it up above ENEWS & UPDATES? Underneath that I'd like to add the widget for FILTER BY PRICE & FILTER BY MERCHANT. Also, I don't have a relationship with any of those three merchants listed.

Originally Posted by Eric View Post
The links are broken in your top menu bar because you have entered the wrong URL:

you have this: store/category/women-s-shoes/
it should be this: store/category/womens-shoes/
Where would I find this on the back end? I've been searching and for whatever reason can't find the top menu bar to fix it. Also, does it matter whether I've used women's instead of womens or men's instead of mens in my factory categories and sub-categories, also? It looks like I can change the name of each in the Category Properties section?