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Default Ability to Eliminate Products with Placeholder Images from Subscription Results

Many merchants insert placeholder images for products of theirs which have no placeholder images.

So, even when you apply the "product has image" filter in the Factory, hundreds of these products which are using placeholder images vs. actual product images still show up in your results/subscription. If you don't manually delete out the products using a placeholder image, then lots of products in your store are displayed with the placeholder which is not visually appealing in the store. is a big culprit of this. A lot of their products simply have a Best Buy placeholder image, or a No Image found image.

It would be very helpful to be able to filter out products which are using a placeholder image. I imaging there there would have to be a common image file that is being called by the link when no real product image is found. If you could isolate that image file for each merchant, and then let store creators block out products from subscription results that are displaying that re-curring placeholder image file, that would save a lot of manual time deleting those products out of our subscriptions which are using placeholder images vs. actual product images.