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Here is the thread from dreamhost:

you: Domain is:

Kristine: 2011-02-11 13:25:22 procwatch2 INFO: Process(pid=27891, name='php5.cgi', uid=kaetemar(10900767), tty=None, cpu=23.0, rss=49312.0, vsize=157136.0): kill for total RAM

you: Is that a bad thing?

Kristine: That's the log entry for the procwatch kill.

Kristine: Here's the process:

Kristine: Process(pid=27891, name='php5.cgi'

Kristine: Here's a little info about that:


Kristine: Also this wiki:


Kristine: For keeping WordPress running smoothly.

you: I will pass it along to the plugin creator and see if he can do anything - Is there a way of knowing for sure, though that it is a certain plugin that is causing the errors?

Kristine: I would start with checking your site's error logs and also the disable/enable test is a good indicator.

Eric - does this mean anything to you?