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Default Help with Custom views, please


I have my site set up as:

Home - Blog

Spa - General products

Category = Global View of Products in this Category

Sub-Category = Each individual product line (brand/manufacturer)

Sub-Category= Product type

I did read through a thread about using filters instead of categories-as-filters, but I am trying this out for now because it makes sense in my niche (I think... )

In any case, I want to set up a unique view for each of the Category=Global View of Products in this category pages.

For example, several of my brand/manufacturers are: Sothys, Babor & Dermalogica

So my layout is as such:

Product Lines (global list of all the product lines, where I want to include company logos as links)

Product category 1 from Sothys
Product category 2 from Sothys

Product category 1 from Babor
Product category 2 from Babor


Here are my questions:

On my global page "Product Lines" how do I insert clickable logos from each of my brands in that category?

Some of my categories (ex: Moisturizers, Masks, Exfoilants) pull from all my brands. How do I put a cross section of my brand products on the opening pages for each of these sub-categories?

Please point me in the right direction.

Thank you!