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Dear Eric (don't you ever sleep?)

I don't know what you mean by deleting a WP page named "store." Currently, in WP, I don't have a page named "store."

In The Factory, I did set my URL settings to "store/" though.

Which is not beginning to make sense. OK, so I need to set up a "store" page on WP so that the feed will know where to post?

(BTW, I fully understand how basic this must all sound to you - thank you for your patience!)

Can I set my front page (in WP) to a static page (named "store") and set a blog feature to another page? I'd like the "store" to open up on the home page.

As Datafeedr populates, will it automatically re-configure the WP Nav Bar? Or, do I have to do that?

Again, Eric - THANK YOU!


PS - And on a completely different subject, when I get this one fully functional, I would like to convert some of my other sites to Datafeedr. I looked at upgrading my "plan" and taken to a checkout for the full 5 or unlimited plan price - If I want to upgrade to 5 stores (or unlimited) do I have to cancel my first plan, or is the $47 (or whatever) price on top of the single store price?