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It appears that it is the code to retain other filters that Chrome does not like...

If I take out the lines in bold it works:
function search_price_value($word) {
    $word = strip_tags($word);
    return $word;

<form method="get">
    <?php if (@$_GET['word']){ echo "<INPUT TYPE='HIDDEN' NAME='word' Value='".search_price_value($_GET['word'])."'"; } ?>
  <?php if (@$_GET['ppp']){ echo '<INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="ppp" Value="'.search_price_value($_GET['ppp']).'"'; } ?>
  <?php if (@$_GET['sort']){ echo '<INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="sort" Value="'.search_price_value($_GET['sort']).'"'; } ?>

  <select name="price" id='store_dropdown_box'>
<option value="1-50"<?php if (@$_GET['price']=='1-50') {echo ' selected="selected"';}?>>Moins de 50</option>
<option value="50-100"<?php if (@$_GET['price']=='50-100') {echo ' selected="selected"';}?>>50 ~ 100</option>
<option value="100-150"<?php if (@$_GET['price']=='100-150') {echo ' selected="selected"';}?>>100 ~ 150</option>
<option value="150-200"<?php if (@$_GET['price']=='150-200') {echo ' selected="selected"';}?>>150 ~ 200</option>
<option value="200-250"<?php if (@$_GET['price']=='200-250') {echo ' selected="selected"';}?>>200 ~ 250</option>
<option value="250-"<?php if (@$_GET['price']=='250-') {echo ' selected="selected"';}?>>Plus de 250</option>

    <input type="submit" value="Go" class="dfsbmt" />
<?php if (@$_GET['price']) { ?>
  <p><a href="[server.url type='fullpage' query='-price']">[X] Remove Filter</a></p>
<?php } ?>
Is there another way of doing this?

By the way I think it is an error in the standard Sorting Template that it does not retain any other filters that might be set... have you already flagged this?


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