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Thanks, Eric. I'm not great w/php yet but I am learning every day. And you just taught me something new

Do you think it is safe for me to try and edit the code? Or should I head over to the Atahualpa forums for advice?

Originally Posted by Eric View Post
The reason you were getting that error is because you pasted the PHP code into the file after the final closing php tag: ?>. You can't have PHP code which exists outside of opening <?php and closing ?> php tags.

As for integrating this into your theme, I'm not sure if it's possible. Your theme is calling it's own function to produce the menu UvumiDropdown(). Because your theme has written it's own code to generate the menu, I doubt that it is possible to hook into that function to append the menu with store categories. If your theme was using WordPress functions to generate the menu, it would not be a problem because WordPress provides a method to hook into those functions and modify their output. But most theme developers don't provide those types of hooks so when a theme developer writes their own function, there's usually no way to modify the output.


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