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Originally Posted by cspdfadmin View Post
A) So, for now, are my former 1) and 2) product block modules not an option for a v3 version of my store? If so, I will have to find other modules to feature on each store's home page.
You can create 'hidden' categories to be able to display a targetted list of "featured" products. You can't target most popular as that relies on views and/or clickthrough counts and we aren't tracking that data yet.

Originally Posted by cspdfadmin View Post
B) With 3), I see there is still a "random" product widget in v3. Can that still be filtered by a specific category/sub category, or a selection of specifically chosen categories/subcategories? If so, then perhaps I could look to have multiple random product modules included on the home page for various categories/subcategories. This could fill up the loss of my 1) and 2) modules.
Yes, you can filter random products by categories and other parameters:

Originally Posted by cspdfadmin View Post
C) I did not see in the v3 literature or videos, a particular way to filter the random product widget by category/sub category. Can you only do so by query string?
Yes, that is correct. With a query string. More on that here: You can build some very powerful product blocks with query strings.

Here are some other examples of query strings being put to use:


Originally Posted by cspdfadmin View Post
D) How would I go about adding multiple random product widgets to the home page using different search strings for each since I don't have a Datafeedr Pages widget anymore as with the v1 plugin?
As mentioned above, it's best to use a 'hidden' category to group products together. Then use modules and query strings to target the desired hidden category.

Here is a thread about that: /showthread.php?t=3577