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Default v1 to v3 Modules Utilizing Attributes, Click/PV Popularity, Specific Categories


In my V1 stores, my store home pages all had the following product block module presentation layout, all done using the Datafeedr Pages section of the v1 plugin.

1) "Featured" products: two row, 3 x 3 product block module (6 total products). Featured products in the module used an attribute tag I had applied to specific products throughout my store that I wanted to highlight at the highest level of the home page.

2) "Most Popular" products: two row, 3 x 3 product block module (6 total products). The products in this module were ranked by clickthroughs (or sometimes product views), and were filtered by use of only certain categories/subcategories for this module.

3) "Various Other Product Suggestions": two row, 3 x 3 product block module (6 total products). The products in this module were chosen at random, from a limited selection of only certain categories/sub categories.

Regarding 1) I have seen in the v3 documentation, that Attributes are gone and not currently envisioned to be included in v3. Attributes were a helpful thing to have, when one wanted to editorialize some of the products on the home page to specifically highlight certain products for your users, almost like an expert recommendation. As product counts in the stores rise, strictly relying on "random" product suggestions can lead to less than ideal products featured prominently on the home page.

I will still love to see an attribute tag that a store keeper could apply to specific products to get them highlighted on the home page.

Regarding 2), the V3 documentation says that clickthrough and product view tracking is not there yet in V3. I imagine it is a ways down the road after BETA.


A) So, for now, are my former 1) and 2) product block modules not an option for a v3 version of my store? If so, I will have to find other modules to feature on each store's home page.

B) With 3), I see there is still a "random" product widget in v3. Can that still be filtered by a specific category/sub category, or a selection of specifically chosen categories/subcategories? If so, then perhaps I could look to have multiple random product modules included on the home page for various categories/subcategories. This could fill up the loss of my 1) and 2) modules.

C) I did not see in the v3 literature or videos, a particular way to filter the random product widget by category/sub category. Can you only do so by query string?

D) How would I go about adding multiple random product widgets to the home page using different search strings for each since I don't have a Datafeedr Pages widget anymore as with the v1 plugin?

Please advise.