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Default How to format subcategories in widgets?


I've got the store categories and subcategories in my sidebar, that is 120px or so wide. The categories fit, but when expanded they indent to the right and do not fit properly. To make things worse, I've got 2 subcategories ..

Dog Breeds
- Working Dogs
- - Bloodhounds
Cat Breeds
- Longhair
- - etc

Here's a visual representation

I tried to search but, nothing really came up in the results. It looks like something to do with the widget-wrap class? I didn't want to search or play with any of the files in the plugin folder - as updates are practically made daily anyway.

I'd like to change the formatting so they start either left aligned, or after 1 character, or maybe change expanded categories to a different color, etc. Where do I find the place to do this?

Thanks in advance
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