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Originally Posted by sbanks View Post
Also, if I manually remove products in v3, save the search and then edit the search - those removed products are automatically added back again.
My store is:
In the metal cats category for example, I had to remove over 150 products (the word cats was in every listing!).
Hi Susan

I cannot repeat this behavior. I added some products to a category via a search subscription. Then I blocked a 3 products individually from the category. Then I created a new search subscription which blocked another product from the category. Then I edited the first subscription responsible for adding products to the category. Finally I edited the subscription responsible for removing products from a single category. In all cases, everything functioned as necessary.

Also, when looking at your category in the Factory, I see 174 products removed individually from the category. It doesn't look like they've disappeared... unless you already re-added them.

I did have a look at your subscriptions and the seem unnecessarily long. I was able to re-create the Metal Cats category with a single subscription and no products individually removed. I've PM'd you that information for privacy's sake.