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Hi Eric,

Has the template code for the sorting template been updated recently?

I now get this code:
<div class="dffltrs">
  <form method="get">
    <span class="dflside">
      Products per page:
      <?php echo datafeedr_tools()->form_select("ppp",
        "12" => "12",
        "24" => "24",
        "36" => "36",
        "48" => "48",
        )); ?>
    <span class="dfrside">
      Sort by:
      <?php echo datafeedr_tools()->form_select("sort",
        "price"   => "Price (low to high)",
        "-price"   => "Price (high to low)",
        "name"     => "Product Name (a - z)",
        "-name"   => "Product Name (z - a)",
        )); ?>
      <input type="submit" value="Go" class="dfsbmt" />
    <div class="clearingdiv">&nbsp;</div>
Will I have to revert back to the 'old' code to use the auto-submit?

Are there any drawbacks to using the old code?

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