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Originally Posted by Eric View Post
  1. For your homepage, I would create a new 'hidden' category.
  2. Add specific products to that category.
  3. Create a new Custom View which contains a Product List module. The module should be configure like such:
  4. Update your store
  5. Embed the [DFR] tag into the post/page that is responsible for displaying your homepage. That will look like: [DFR:Custom View Name Here]

As for AIOSEO, yes, leave it turned off.

Hi Eric

I'm having some trouble getting this to work. I've tried various variations with no luck. The good thing is that once I've embedded the code on the home page I do get the text "There are no products currently on sale." showing, so something is working.

I've attached some screenshots to help you see what I have done, but basically I've allocated products to the category I've named 'hidden_category_1' which is the child of the 'Home Page' category. See screen shot '1'

I've set up as you told me to a new view 'home_category_1' with a Product List module. See screen shots '2,3 & 4'

I've also added the following code to the home page: [DFR:home_category_1]

I hope that helps.
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