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If, in the Version 1 plugin, you went to Datafeedr > Pages > Add New Page and created a new store page for your Version 1 store, that page you created will not be transferred to your Version 3 store. This is because there is no way for the Factory to "know" about that custom page that you created from your blog's admin area.

So, let's say you want to re-create that "Baby Baptism Gifts" custom page in Version 3. Here's how you would do that:
  1. Log into the Factory
  2. Go to VIEWS > Custom Views > Add a new view
  3. Name the new view "Baby Baptism Gifts".
  4. Add the content you want to display to the view.
  5. Update your store.
Now, when you go to, you will see the new content you created in that view.