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Originally Posted by cyberil View Post
Am I better to just build a new WP store from scratch using the Factory & Views section and then just copy over my existing content and images that I already have in the website and placing them into the modules or should I keep the existing store that's currently online and just merge everything together somehow?
If you import your store into your WP blog, your blog's posts and pages will still function the same. The only thing that will happen is that a new page will be created and your store will run within that page. All of your other blog pages will remain unchanged.

Originally Posted by cyberil View Post
The other problem I now face is that apart from the categories and products the store does not seem to upload to my server. I receive no error message at all. If I check the URL there's nothing there.
Did you install the new Version 3 plugin?
Did you input your connection key?
Did you click 'Update store'?
Did you receive an error message? If so, what?

I'm not sure at what stage of the process you are in so it's hard to explain what you need to do.