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Question Is Yoast Wordpress SEO Plugin incompatible?


All my category pages show the same meta description as the home page. Despite adding unique category text in the factory I am unable to see a unique meta description for the category pages on the site.

I can see the unique titles of the pages though.

As I'm using the Yoast Wordpress SEO plugin I have searched the forums and added these two snippets to functions.php:

PHP Code:
/** Removes the title filter for the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin only on Datafeedr store pages */
function dfr_remove_wpseo_title$title ) {
    if (
is_dfr()) {
remove_filter('wp_title', array($wpseo_front'title'), 15);
add_action'init''dfr_remove_wpseo_title' ); 
/** Remove Yoast Wordpress SEO plugin generated canonical links on all of your store pages */
function dfr_remove_wpseo_canonical$canonical ) {
    if (
is_dfr()) {
$canonical false;
add_filter'wpseo_canonical''dfr_remove_wpseo_canonical' ); 
I've deleted the cache but there's not change. What do you suggest?