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atlantistarget August 28th, 2013 06:39 AM

Question about currencies...
Hello. I have some merchants who works in different currencies. Im in Spain and the mayority of my clients come from Spain, then I should have my page in .

But most of the list from merchants are in $...

Then, if I have my store in the factory in
- what happen with the list price that are in $ from merchants?
- do prices appear in $ in my web store?
- who and how make the calculation of currency exchange in case someone make the currecy change?


Eric August 28th, 2013 07:09 AM


The currency sign that is used in your store is based on the currency the product is offered in in the datafeed.

For example, if a Spanish merchant provides their products in USD, then the $ sign will appear on your site. If they offer their product in Euros, then the € will appear on your site.

We do not provide the ability to convert a price from one currency to another as that would be merchant specific. A merchant might not do a direct currency conversion in order to provide a price in another currency. This could be for tax or vat or shipping or any other reason. And that's why we won't convert the price for you.

All currency exchanges happen on the merchants' websites.


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