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youngy January 23rd, 2013 06:43 PM

OK getting started again!
Hi Eric / Stefan,
Ok im back on datafeedr now, have a budget and damn am I going to make it work this time!? :)

So 2 sites I want to ask you about, if you dont mind. &
Upto recently this was gettin over 1k hits a month, then it just fell off a cliff, im not overly bothered because ive been planning a overhaul on this for a while anyhow.

Basically, on here I have category pages with images/click buttons leading to the comparison page but Ive limited the writing which is pulled from datafeedr to avoid the duplicate issue.

Also I have had individual articles written on each model and put a datafeedr link displaying the comparison price section on each one.

Now this one is still getting about 600 hits per month, bear in mind ive not done anything with these 2 sites for probably well over a year now.

The set up with this one was even less, just a few category pages ie lcd, led, plasma etc which had images . click buttons ( pulled from datafeedr) which lead to the comparison page, again with most of the feed limited to just a brief description, but not the full description of each product.

There is NO posts on here ie uniquely written content for each model / product etc

So im quite surprised its not this one which has dramatically had its traffic reduced and not the other to be honest!

For me to get these sites re-vamped and back upto how they should be , i need some basic advise on the layout/structure.

I know datafeedr has had many updates and changes recently but I dont know to what extent.

Ideally what I want is to write unique content for each model/product as a post, and then stick in the datafeedr code to display the comparison prices section...simple!

However the categories pages is what im stuck on.

On the category page I could have a product image linking to each model number where the unique content and prices are, but thatd mean me creating a new image for each product on that category page, linking and uploading it etc..which would reduce me being streamlined with this.

This would seem a shame to do when im hoping theres a way I can just pull the image, with a header from datafeedr itself, maybe even allowing me to manually put in a link to what page I want it linking to? this at all possible??

If not, what is the best way of creating these category pages?

Please bear in mind that I will be creating unique posts for each model with a price comparison section.

Ideally I don't want to have the category pages linking to another page which is pulled from the feed just with duplicate content.

Any thoughts and advise would be greatly appreciated


Eric January 23rd, 2013 06:51 PM

Hi Dave,

When you say "Category Pages" are you referring to WordPress category pages or Datafeedr's category pages?


youngy January 24th, 2013 03:11 PM

Hi Eric,
I mean wordpress category pages, ones ive set up as pages



Eric January 24th, 2013 03:19 PM


There's no real way to pull in product images from your embedded comparison sets to display as category images.

I would suggest using the "Featured Image" feature of WP and upload an image as a Featured Image for each of your posts. Then display those images on your WP category pages.


youngy January 24th, 2013 04:40 PM

OK thanks Eric,
Ill have a play with that, or I might just manually add the click-able pictures myself on the category pages.

To do it this way I need 3 - 4 images in a row side by side with header ( product name ) then below it the image of the TV, then maybe a "buy now" button underneath that.

To achieve this is there an easy way to line them up side by side? or is using frames the only way?

Then again will the featured image plugin allow me to do this?

Eric January 24th, 2013 06:03 PM


To line up your images side by side, you don't need any frames. You just need a little CSS.


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