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Michaelgs December 1st, 2012 12:51 PM

bad search results
Store ID: 38485
Website URL:
URL to page in question: all

when using a phrase or title like "my little pony" I get unacceptable results that include products who contain any word i.e. my, little, pony, and my little pony.

how exactly can i fix this so that I do not get pages of results but only the full phrase result.
I as the webmaster can of course surround the phrase my little pony with quotes and than I get the desired results, however the average visitor will not do that and sees the page with irrelevant results and leaves my site frustrated.

<!-- Search Fields -->
?php if (@$_GET['word']){ ?><li><b>Word: </b>[store.get param="word"]</li><?php } ?>
<?php if (@$_GET['merchant']){ ?><li><b>Merchant: </b>[store.get param="merchant"]</li><?php } ?>
<?php if (@$_GET['tags']){ ?><li><b>Tags: </b>[store.get param="tags"]</li><?php } ?>
<?php if (@$_GET['price']){ ?><li><b>Price: </b>[store.get param="price"]</li><?php } ?>
<!-- /Search Fields -->
looking at the first line of the search fields can I replace 'word' with 'phrase' ?

Eric December 1st, 2012 02:16 PM

Hi Michael,

The search returns the most relevant search results based on MySQL's built-in Full Text search:

It's going to try to return the most accurate results based on whatever words are chosen.

However, the word "my" is probably not being indexed by MySQL because by default MySQL's minimum word length for an indexed word is 4 characters. So MySQL is probably ignoring the word "my" when you use it in the search. Here's more info about that: /showthread.php?t=1572

But to answer your question, it's not really possible to change this.


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