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adi339 October 28th, 2012 08:27 PM

Products gone
(ID: 423728)

I have Version 1.5.18 plugin

I've had this happen in the past. But cannot remember why or how we fixed (i've not used datafeedr in quite a while). But Eric or someone needed to step in.

I did an update using MERGE. Went to the site, stepped through my some of my category pages once. then I think I went back to get rid of Thanksgiving ad (which did not work). I think all I did was delete the image from the HTML module.

I then clicked on products (In my plugin) because it seemed like not all those I had in the factory where showing up. It said 'no porducts'
When I went back to look at the site - 'no products.

No, I did not do a backup of the store from within the back end of website, though I did back up my entire site before merging. I'd rather not have to do a restore though. Seems like we should be able to overwrite the 'no products' with the products I now have in factory.

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