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Shopnowbuyno September 21st, 2012 11:01 AM

Help with best practice methods with add products to your categories (Back End)
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I am looking for best practice methods with add products to your sub-categories. I watched the videos you have and BTW all are great, but you are working with small niche subjects. I was wondering how you deal with larger markets or larger niches that will need more narrowed down product searches. As we all know, merchants do not follow a universal standard format with their feeds, and with some incorporating 3rd party venders, forget about it.

Right now I am working on a main category for bicycle/cycles. I'm working a sub-category of Unicycles, not a lot of products but enough junk to worry down the road with larger product returns. So I figure I would try to narrow it down to a few search parameters and I am not getting what I hope for, maybe it is how I am doing it, so looking for help with some of your best practice methods for narrowing down products. This is how I looking at it.

Product Name: "Unicycles"
Brand: Acclaim|Aosom|Avenir|CFG|Club|CostumeZone|Dimensio n|M-Wave|Mega Brands|MICO|Nimbus|Ramiko|Schwinn|Summit|Sun|Surly |Torker|Uno|VELO|
Has Image: Yes
Exclude duplicates: yes

How should I be doing this? Thanks

Eric September 21st, 2012 12:30 PM


Welcome to the forums!

You're off to a good start.

Try using the price filter to remove accessories and low priced items from your search.

Also, try the Related Tags found at the top of the left sidebar after you do a search. Those can prove to be really useful when filtering a search.


Shopnowbuyno September 21st, 2012 12:49 PM

Thanks Eric

I found my problem, when I string the brands together, if a brand is of 2 works like
Mega Brands|YES INC it brakes the search with no returns. I did a search with stringing all the brands and when I added a 2 word brand it came back with no matches. Any Ideas how to get by this.

Shopnowbuyno September 21st, 2012 01:40 PM

Never mind, figured it out need "" |M-Wave|"Mega Brands"|MICO

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