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jcvm27 January 19th, 2012 12:16 AM

Web site low speed...
Google webmasters says the website is running at low speed
Some listed URLs for improvement are including the store CSS

Compressing could save 21.4KiB (83% reduction).

Recommends compressing. When I have done a search on plugins for compressing, a lot show up. I listed all of them below. However it seems the most downloaded (and complicated!) is

W3 Total Cache

If I install this plugin, would it interfere with the store. More specific, I followed your rules to "caching" the thumbails images and products for the store configuration.. would that be a problem to still have those rules and the above plugin?

Would you recommend to install a different one instead of this one from the list below? Or more than one? "gzip compression" seems to be the word, then "cache".

I need to speed up the loading of the website pages and unsure what plugin(s) to use

Lite Cache
The smallest cache plugin ever released (but still greatly efficient).
Version 2.0.5Updated 2011-12-15Downloads 886Average Rating

Improve My Load Times
This plugin allows you to compress your webpages to save bandwidth and make your blog load faster!
Version 1.0.3Updated 2011-12-4Downloads 6,316Average Rating

W3 Total Cache
Improve site performance and user experience via caching: browser, page, object, database, minify and content delivery network support.
Version 2011-8-26Downloads 937,935Average Rating

Admin Flush W3TC Cache
Admin Flush W3TC Cache works with the W3 Total Cache plugin. It simply adds an "Empty All Caches" option to every Admin page.
Version 1.2Updated 2011-8-12Downloads 3,742Average Rating

WordPress Gzip Compression
Enables gzip-compression if the visitor's browser can handle it. This will speed up your WordPress website drastically and reduces bandwidth usag
Version 1.0Updated 2010-12-3Downloads 12,973Average Rating

WEBO Site InSight
WEBO Site InSight provides all statistical information about website performance: load time, CPU usage, RAM usage, free disk space, etc.
Version 0.2.0Updated 2010-10-28Downloads 320Average Rating

Scripts Gzip
A WordPress plugin to merge and compress the CSS and JS links on the page.
Version 0.9.3Updated 2010-10-3Downloads 12,023Average Rating
Force gzip
Implements gzip output compression to speed up load times and does a check to see if browsers are incorrectly saying that they do not support GZIP whe
Version 1.0.1Updated 2010-7-20Downloads 7,986Average Rating

WP HTTP Compression
This plugin allows your WordPress blog to output pages compressed in gzip format if a browser supports compression. HTTP compression generally mean
Version 1.0Updated 2010-2-15Downloads 8,473Average Rating

wpCompressor automatic compression assumes the data output and boosts the performance of the blog pages.
Version 0.3Updated 2010-1-24Downloads 5,588Average Rating

GZIP and strip whitespace from your CSS files. Add specific CSS files to post/pages. Development of modular CSS without the making the user download s
Version 2.0.5Updated 2009-3-7Downloads 17,262Average Rating

Allows developers to compress (GZIP & JSMIN) JavaScript files as well as concatenate them into one single file.
Version 2.0.6Updated 2009-3-7Downloads 10,306Average Rating

GZippy re-enables gzip compression under WordPress.
Version 2008-12-26Downloads 14,642Average Rating

Eric January 19th, 2012 09:55 AM


You could try W3 Total Cache. I think that's the most popular. It might cause conflict with the store style.css file but if it does, then you just need to link to the file manually, I guess.


Eric January 19th, 2012 09:56 AM

Also, make sure you have followed these steps: /showthread.php?t=5770

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