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macfink March 21st, 2011 05:35 AM

URL problems
Hi There,

My store is under construction, but i'm having a problem with some catagories.

For example, if you click on Clothing...........Mens...........Beanies it brings up


Can you tell me why this is happening and how i fix it?


Eric March 21st, 2011 07:33 AM


This is because you have the following:

1. You have the same sub category names in different parent categories (ie. Beanies in 2+ places)

2. Your URL setttings are such that you are just displaying the category slug.

The best way to solve this is to use %cp instead of %cs in the Default category page URL and Product detail page fields within your URL Settings in the Factory.


macfink March 21st, 2011 09:51 AM

Thanks for that. :)

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