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zed7 January 6th, 2015 06:07 PM

Store ID: 41394
Website URL:
URL to page in question:


I need to filter by the merchants categories. But category is not a filter option, the feed at the affiliate program do have categories in the feed. I searched the forum and it's mentioned to use tags, but tags only seem to work for some categories. And the pipe search operator seems to not be supported for tags.

There's also missing products for a merchant when searching without filters, I know that the merchant have more than the 47 products found.

zed7 January 7th, 2015 05:18 AM

I think the feed is the problem in this case, theres missing products in some categories in the merchants feed. I will contact the Affiliate program to have them investigate it.

The question with having multiple tags still remains though, or must I create multiple subscriptions? I.e I want to have a filter with tags: "Body oil" OR "Bodybutter", it seems it defaults to AND, thus returning 0 results because the products don't have both those tags.

Eric January 7th, 2015 09:34 AM


Originally Posted by zed7 (Post 52484)
The question with having multiple tags still remains though, or must I create multiple subscriptions? I.e I want to have a filter with tags: "Body oil" OR "Bodybutter", it seems it defaults to AND, thus returning 0 results because the products don't have both those tags.

Correct, you can't do OR statements with tags.

However the "Keyword" field does search the "Tags" field so you can enter your search into the "Keyword" field like this: "Body oil"|"Bodybutter".

That should get you in the ballpark. Filter by merchant and price to further narrow your search if necessary.


zed7 January 7th, 2015 01:27 PM

Ok, but the keyword field would also match against product text and title. I only want to match categories so I will create multiple subscriptions. Is there any specific reason why those search operators won't work on the tags?

I have also noticed that the images from the merchants more than often is very large. Do Datafeedr offer any service to fix this by resizing them? If not then I can fix a script that does this on my server, but then I guess it has to be run after every update as they are overwritten?

Eric January 8th, 2015 08:35 AM


They don't work because of how our data is structured in the backend.

You can choose to display thumbnail images if you'd like. In your Views (in the Factory) change occurrences of [product.image to [product.thumbnail.

That will display the smaller version if it exists.

I would also recommend following the 5 steps I outlined (in my point 1) here: /show...2469#post52469

That will help speed up image loading on your site.


zed7 January 9th, 2015 08:13 AM

Ok. Thank you.

1. I did change to .thumbnail in the views before, but they are still huge. Most are like this:
I guess the merchants don't have thumbnails in their feed then?

2. I tried changing url to %li and %lt. The only thing that happened was that a lot of images disappeared, the image the url is pointing to does not exist on the server.. So I had to change back to the default setting. (PS. I'm running a Wordpress multisite setup).

3. With the default setting, as you can see with the image above, it redirects from to on my own server, so I don't see the difference, except for the redirect, which of course I would like to avoid as it adds to the page loadtime.

Eric January 9th, 2015 08:57 AM


Hmmm... then I would suggest implementing this method: /showthread.php?t=6858

Your images will probably load the fastest using that method.


zed7 January 9th, 2015 10:25 AM

That still wont get me the thumbnails.. and I think it will be even slower to load the images from someone elses server, as I cannot optimize caching etc.

Do you have any idea why so many images were missing when using %li and %lt? Could it be a temporary problem?

Eric January 9th, 2015 10:41 AM


Usually serving images from a merchant's server is quite fast... sometimes faster than your own server. Browsers handle caching and many merchants use CDNs to deliver images faster.

Most likely the reason that %li and %lt weren't working is because your URL and Path fields under Product Images and Product Thumbnails are probably not configured properly here: WordPress Admin Area > Tools > Datafeedr > Directories.

I would double check those paths to make sure that they are correct and adjust them if they are not.

You need to make sure your URL fields point to your correct image and thumbnail paths like this:


You'll also need to make sure your Path fields point to your correct image and thumbnail paths:


If that still doesn't work, it might be an issue of the merchant imposing image access controls preventing them from being downloaded to an external server.


zed7 January 10th, 2015 01:05 PM

All the paths were correct. However, I have found out that it was mainly thumbnails that was missing, the main image did exist. I'm working on a script to create the thumbnails on my server from the main image, and resize and compress accordingly. I can share it when it's finished. To make it run as quick as possible I'm thinking that it should only process new files, I guess I can check the create time on the files.

But I wonder if it's possible to disable thumbnails in Datafeedr so these thumbnails won't be overwritten again by large ones when updating?

zed7 January 10th, 2015 02:50 PM

Nevermind, I solved it by using another destination directory and changed the image urls in store settings.

zed7 February 9th, 2015 03:32 PM

Seems like the product images stopped updating, there is no images added to the product images folder when I update. All products in the factory have images though, why aren't those transferred to my server when updating?

Eric February 10th, 2015 09:09 AM


I believe you need to change your Product Images and Product Thumbnails fields to %li and %lt respectively here: The Factory > Your Store > Store menu > URL Settings.


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