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donhalee October 14th, 2014 10:40 PM

Want to use API

When I use datafeedr factory to import localamazon.coms coupons, I need to type my amazon affiliate ID, (I successfully import some coupons from this merchant) but if I want to import coupons from without affiliate ID, (because I dont have this affiliate ID yet) my question is: can I use datafeedr API to import it? I know that without affiliate ID in my product link will result in me not receiving credit for the referral, but I got VigLink, can I use datafeedr API to import restaurant.coms data without typing affiliate ID, because VigLink Convert will automatically monetize existing links across all pages in my website.
Also can I use datafeedr API to import more data (coupons) from other merchants without affiliate ID? And I also use VigLink for Monetize existing links.

Please advise :)

Thank you for your attention

Don Lee

stefan October 15th, 2014 04:53 AM

All product links require an affiliate ID.

The direct product links are (most of the time) not available in the datafeeds we process.

If you don't provide an affiliate ID your links will generate an error page.

For example:

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