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  1. Feature Request: Add Amazon
  2. Possibility to save "Network Filter" in Merchant & Network Discovery Tool
  3. Add a View Library
  4. Add an Update Store button to the Factory
  5. Update template files only option
  6. Merchant and Network Discover Tool
  7. Duplicate View Option
  8. Recently Viewed Items/Products
  9. Highlight categories that are in Hidden Mode
  10. Product Tags
  11. Improving Merchant Management.
  12. Feature Request: Bulk edit products in factory
  13. Move to and Copy to Category options
  14. When searching, highlight items already added to category
  15. Bulk edit subscriptions/filters for categories
  16. Quick Save Button in subscriptions
  17. Importing setting for another v3 site.
  18. Merchant images
  19. Ability to search for product in category in factory
  20. Make merchant selection, at store level, same as at factory level
  21. Move RESET button on URL Settings page
  22. Making Comparison Set Creation Easier
  23. List all merchants in Merchant & Network Discovery Tool
  24. Copy categories between stores
  25. Store/Page Preview Functionality
  26. Caching of product images
  27. Email notification on pluin updates
  28. Add filter for sale price in the Merchant Discovery Tool
  29. Image caching or not?
  30. Custom Title Tag & Headline Option to Category Properties
  31. Record of time & date of last site update.
  32. Multiple Categories per View
  33. Bulk creation of categories
  34. Keyword and description inheritance
  35. HTML in Custom Fields
  36. Add Custom Product
  37. Longer category descriptions?
  38. Custom Category View to apply to child categories too
  39. Feature Request: Auto update plugin
  40. Backup of a Store's Subscription Search Parameters for Later Import/Re-Use in Factory
  41. Make Breadcrumbs working like breadcrumbs :-)
  42. Rich Text Editor
  43. Add button to sort categories in factory
  44. More merchant management
  45. Function to block a category from being updated
  46. Separate Category Name and Category Title
  47. Master keywords that apply store wide...?
  48. Update Products Only button
  49. Image Cache Prime Button
  50. Adding Image in cache to Media Library
  51. Add title to Datafeedr Widget in Admin Panel
  52. Custom Coupon/Rebates Tool
  53. Split Products per Page and Sort Order
  54. Sort by fields
  55. Order products by click through / view
  56. Delimit Keywords in Product Search
  57. Comparison Sets
  58. Same Product in Two Shops
  59. Ability to Eliminate Products with Placeholder Images from Subscription Results
  60. Ability in Factory to Filter Out Duplicate Products from a Given Merchant
  61. Change Default Product Image Tag in Factory
  62. Multiple 'word' filtering options
  63. Filtering Widgets display options - set it in Factory
  64. Email notification on store update failure
  65. Change autoupdate to be products only
  66. 2 Parent Category Request
  67. Custom Variables
  68. Warning for missing Affiliate Codes?
  69. Use merchants categories
  70. Add filter "merchants category"
  71. Improvements to organizing view of Comparison Sets in Factory
  72. Drip Store Categories (Not Posts)
  73. Highlight Newly Added Products
  74. User Accounts
  75. Upload Datafeed | None Supported Network
  76. Email notification if automatic update leaves a category with 0 products
  77. Tradedoubler previousPrice field
  78. Adding products 1 at a time
  79. Custom field in datafeed
  80. Single click button colour change
  81. Show Images for Custom Products
  82. Display merchant currency somewhere in datafeedr
  83. Alphabetical Order when Adding Custom Products
  84. Mobile platform
  85. Improve "Exclude Duplicates" in Search
  86. Sort By Popularity (30 Days)
  87. Weighted Popularity Sort (Factoring in Merchant EPHC)
  88. Adding a Product Once to Site and Declaring Multiple Categories
  89. Ability to Update only certain categories
  90. Filter by Merchant in store builder
  91. Ability to see the status of the last datafeedr update operation
  92. Use of HTML in Product Details Fields
  93. Add Keywords (Tags) Field and Page Meta Field to Product Page
  94. Merchant Groups
  95. Specify update time
  96. Blocking products
  97. Autofeed and Subscriptions
  98. Comparison Sets
  99. Sidebar cheapest price widget for product
  100. Deal of the day sidebar widget
  101. add/save comparison
  102. Automatic comparison sets
  103. Allow Drip feature to also be used for Articles
  104. List the products either A-Z or by price in factory
  105. Add our own feeds..
  106. Request: Tradetracker
  107. Suggestion Amazon filters in factory
  108. Slide show of featured products
  109. Request : Partnership and closing it...
  110. Ability to view and edit category properties of all categories from one page
  111. We are currently updating the product list. Please try again in a little while.
  112. Include product name in image file name
  113. Image placeholder
  114. For the sake of SEO
  115. Menu Heirarchy
  116. Best spinner integration
  117. same product select size
  118. Add ability to schedule automatic updates
  119. Dynamic Widget Filters
  120. Checkbox selection widget
  121. About categories
  122. Amazon Band select
  123. Quick Search Box or alpha track
  124. Monitor sales price and notify reader
  125. Choosing merchants
  126. Seo -Catagory Desc Field
  127. Add Products to posts
  128. Hosting Merchant Images on CDN
  129. block from store
  130. Be able to view & choose every product that a merchant carries
  131. Easier way to get rid of the "Store" page & structure...
  132. Additional Amazon Search Options
  133. Handle Auto Updates via Cron Jobs
  134. Different Amazon Locale IDs
  135. Solve the pagination Duplicate Tags
  136. Ability to add spun content in the factory
  137. Caching of Store Sitemap
  138. Rel Canonical Tags for Non-edited Products
  139. Wider menus in the Factory, please
  140. Wife can't see product styles properly (NOT BLIND!)
  141. Shopperpress is this a ripoff???
  142. Letters in URL
  143. Save search result with 0 products
  144. Google base integration
  145. Price Filter per Category
  146. Image Compression & Different Thumbnail Sizes
  147. DF Widget - Cannot sort categories
  148. DF Widget - Cannot sort categories
  149. Add Product Detail View to a specific category
  150. Merchant Categories
  151. Update the networks page
  152. WSIWIG Editor?
  153. Description tick box
  154. Adding products to additional categories
  155. Warning email if store update results in empty categories
  156. Art.com and Allposters.com
  157. Wishlist and Checkout
  158. Sort by newest products added to store
  159. Display number of search results
  160. Let us define style names
  161. No easy install themes?
  162. Facebook API
  163. deleted merchants from datafeedr
  164. Amazon search by node
  165. Highlighted Product set within Categories
  167. Categorize or Sort Comparison Sets?
  168. Global search settings
  169. Comp Set Feature - Needs "Save Search"
  170. Removing Custom Coupons on Expiration
  171. Loading page.. "Redirecting to.."
  172. Filter by category
  173. sort by date added
  174. Sorting of Products
  175. Search of Selected Products in Factory
  176. Adding Tags
  177. Remove duplicate Images
  178. change product tags
  179. Adding 'Enquire Now' section for Customized Products
  180. Wordpress Plugin - Auto Update Plugins and Settings
  181. Displaying Incentives
  182. Hotel comparison site
  183. Facebook error
  184. Thumb resize
  185. Suggestion: Remove whitespace from images using PHP
  186. DRP & SEO Plugins
  187. Add to wishlist
  188. Another payment option than Paypal
  189. Duplicate Products Issue..
  190. Star rating application
  191. Compare products
  192. Compare products (detail not only price)
  193. Merchant Feed Request
  194. Sort products by name
  195. Select from multi productfeeds
  196. Google shopping product listing
  197. Import csv file for products
  198. Featured Images
  199. Search for a product by name in save categories
  200. Able to download the view code
  201. Serve scaled images & Leverage browser caching
  202. Filter based on description length
  203. Filter for missing tags
  204. Temporary Disable Categories
  205. Adding and displaying products without Affiliate ID
  206. Star Rating filter when adding Amazon products to store
  207. The Best Spinner Integration
  208. Set featured image on drip
  209. Pictures in Sitemap
  210. Generate Alert Email if shop has no products
  211. Have a Show All
  212. Sort Categories
  213. Advanced/Custom Search Widget
  214. Price Inc. Delivery...
  215. Weekly Deals and Holiday Deals
  216. Add Domain to company name
  217. Adding Rich Snippets
  218. Add fields to factory category pages
  219. Multiple categories for one product
  220. Product detail Tabs
  221. Add to category button
  222. Associates through Datafeedr
  223. Add 10 Products To Store
  224. Filter To Omit Products by Keyword
  225. make comparison set drop down in factory alphabetical
  226. use datafeedr results on multiple pages of site?
  227. Product Updates - Factory Dowxn
  228. Show more results in factory
  229. Backup & Restore
  230. Increase store update interval for daily offers
  231. Categories
  232. Re-directing to...
  233. Sorting products, eliminating duplicates
  234. Comparison and SKU's
  235. Zoom on products
  236. Category Name should not be the same as Category Page Title Name
  237. Social Media drip
  238. Feature Request: Newest Products added with sorting options in search subscriptions
  239. Feature Request: Batch update products
  240. my thoughts
  241. change widget titels
  242. simple search in header
  243. network subscription on Add Multiple Category
  244. Display price tag in the post
  245. embeding doesnt work
  246. paid site review
  247. Factory menu delay
  248. the update cycle
  249. Custom products with csv upload
  250. Product detail views