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  1. Do not have permission to access this page
  2. No drop down menu in new factory
  3. Two errors I have come across
  4. cant upgrade
  5. Couple of minor fixes
  6. Where is Affiliate Future?
  7. Testing Buy.at goes to my Buy.at affiliate login
  8. Selected merchants are no longer selected
  9. Sort by price does not work...
  10. Store update not working again
  11. Category link not clickable when viewing product detail
  12. Lot of merchant images missing
  13. a few formatting questions
  14. Advanced search box
  15. Multisite - Basic Store Settings
  16. Cancel of Reset View, Not working
  17. Is there a hardcoded clearingdiv?
  18. Sale price view pagination doesn't work
  19. Product List Layout Issues
  20. too_many_shops error?
  21. Installed the plugin and my logo shrunk.
  22. Where do we download the Datafeedr Products widget from
  23. How to restore product list
  24. shop missing
  25. Pagination Links issue
  26. Detail Button
  27. Automatically add new merchant to store search subscriptions
  28. Still seeing old Datafeedr page
  29. Supplied Argument Not Valid MySQL
  30. Your plugin version is not supported
  31. hidden categories not hiding in new plugin version
  32. Update process is already running
  33. Replicate a V1 category list
  34. Error When Trying To Activate V3 Plugin
  35. Unable to connect to: factory3.datafeedr.com
  36. Outrageous prices :-)
  37. Manual Store Update Error
  38. Product in the middle of the page
  39. Extra space at the top of store pages
  40. Pagination mouse over is "Shop"
  41. Importing store - removed products added back
  42. Problem with keyword search?
  43. Search Function Problem
  44. syntax error, unexpected T_STATIC, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR
  45. Some Bugs
  46. When I click my Buy link, I'm redirected back to my homepage, not the merchant's site
  47. Fatal error after 'update products and settings'..
  48. Product Count not working
  49. Error in help text - category list options
  50. Store Rendering, But Serving 404's
  51. Fatal error message
  52. Fatal Error Message
  53. Fatal Error in sidebar widgets
  54. no merchant logos
  55. Fatal Error When Using Search Widget
  56. Fatal error: Call to undefined method Datafeedr_ShopView::form_tag()
  57. Invalid Links for GAN
  58. Cannot download store data (curl_error)
  59. Upload problems
  60. Go Box Needs Alignment
  61. Category Description
  62. Subscriptions not updating
  63. Initial Install
  64. ERROR: curl_setopt() cannot be activated when safe_mode is enabled
  65. Products Repeating in Category Page
  66. What did I do?? Related Items not working
  67. Loading non-existing images takes forever
  68. Images Not Showing
  69. "The page you are attempting to access is temporarily unavailable"
  70. Factory: Starts with search not working
  71. Some of my images a not showing
  72. Help! Store stopped working
  73. Products No Longer Showing in Factory
  74. No pictures showing on my pages
  75. Error with second store (no products yet)
  76. How do I resize my thumbnails?
  77. apostrophe gets replaced as ????
  78. No Meta Data and Category Desciption on Default Category Page View
  79. Dropdown boxes behaving strangely on Chrome
  80. VPS Installation errors
  81. Datafeedr plugin is no longer functioning on front end
  82. URL Set up Error
  83. Error when updating store
  84. Multiple store pages created
  85. shop_update: FAIL: locked / err_au_locked
  86. Upload Successful - But Not
  87. Store data cannot be read (too_many_shops)
  88. Old Product URLs not Redirecting
  89. Show products from subcategories when main one is empty..
  90. Shop update: Failed
  91. Store Frontpage Showing Blank
  92. Store Completely Broken - WordPress Network setup
  93. Weird Brands and Merchants Show in DF Widget
  94. Store Failed - Again
  95. New merchants not displaying in factory
  96. unable to format custom view product list
  97. unable to format store front page product list
  98. Import timing out
  99. Finding the Reason Behind Massive Ranking Drops
  100. Fatal Error Class DA
  101. Hidden Categories in V3 Factory Not Hidden in V1 Store After Import
  102. Canonical Question with Pages
  103. Editing template has no effect
  104. Connection Key not saved
  105. Mulitple Product Tabs at Top
  106. Matching website's domain name
  107. having trouble w/ beta v3 changing default text on front page
  108. Converting from pulling images from merchant's site to storing locally.
  109. Product name not appearing in <img> alt.
  110. Blog posts do not display prices
  111. adding products
  112. ERROR: mysql: Column length too big for column 'image' (max = 255);
  113. v3 product pages not being indexed in Google
  114. FTP info not asked for
  115. base64
  116. Double Title Issue with Twenty Ten and AIOSEO
  117. Merchant logo causing description problem
  118. Filtering with widgets and Widget Context plugin error
  119. Lost Store Page
  120. Featured Product Problem
  121. Adding Other Pages
  122. Cant get Store as Home Page?
  123. How Do I Insert My Store To My Wordpress Page?
  124. Update Products and Settings
  125. Multiple store pages generated
  126. Domain Name Error
  127. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STATIC
  128. Site not visible unless logged in
  129. Affiliate Window Not Tracking
  130. Searching and Adding Products
  131. Problem with Category List Widget and Datafeedr
  132. Wrapping Issue
  133. Canonical Issues
  134. I lost the 'Random Products' code?
  135. linkshare invalid offer,
  136. Trying to show view on all post pages
  137. 404 on store page
  138. Not all images are cached
  139. "Set up all directories" not working anymore
  140. theme disappears?
  141. How to get widgets to work on home page
  142. Images overlapping item title
  143. Buttons disappear when direct='1'
  144. Merchant Logo not showing
  145. Brand filter?
  146. Category Widget - Sub Categories not showing everywhere
  147. Products
  148. Search result shows list of all products
  149. Download Store for Version 1.x Fails to work
  150. dfr_store appearing after update
  151. Store Products Not Showing
  152. Problem with shop install - it's taking over the header
  153. Not redirecting to merchant product pages
  154. Random Products widget
  155. Problem re-installing store
  156. Manually added products don't show in view
  157. first_off.gif disappeared ...
  158. Cannot activate the plugin
  159. "Umlaute" not recognized
  160. Sale Price Not Showing Correctly
  161. Weird Indexing behavior
  162. Really Messed Up this time
  163. Automatic Updates Not Working - Subdomains
  164. Email notification on store update failure works :-)
  165. Title tags
  166. Unable to preview "draft" posts
  167. The Problem about Product list's width
  168. Backups
  169. How Can I Get Certain Pages to Redirect
  170. Processes hanging and everything crashing
  171. Still troubles with uploading products and setting
  172. Error on Site
  173. V3 factory merchant limit
  174. Filtering merchant with ',' in the name
  175. Products not displaying in 3 columns
  176. Duplicate Listings on Category Pages
  177. URL problems
  178. Sorting products - CSS problem
  179. Site not updating
  180. Blog post not showing
  181. "Limit" Filter not working
  182. Polish letters error
  183. Curl Error
  184. Product URL imcomplete
  185. Custom View Will Not Format Correctly
  186. Temporary Folder Not Working
  187. Site hanging on loading images
  188. Product list paging
  189. Category problem
  190. Sidebar Problems
  191. Is it possible to create a 404?
  192. Internet Explorer Problem
  193. Category navigation
  194. Having Trouble Getting Rid of Products
  195. Prices not showing correctly?
  196. Wheres my categories gone?
  197. Category images vanished?
  198. host gator again
  199. Variable Being Added on URL
  200. Locally hosted images and thumbnails not showing up
  201. Products doesn't direct to merchant's page
  202. Search Page Acting Wacky
  203. Hack to display HTML in custom product descriptions
  204. Comparison Set in WP Page (non product page) not working
  205. Category Widget Problem
  206. Google Affiliate Network invalid links
  207. Store data cannot be read (mysql)
  208. Wrong prices from AW (Dorothy Perkins)
  209. Sorting by "Random" issue
  210. Removing Page Titles with Studiopress Themes
  211. Sorting Feature Problem
  212. using %lt and internet explorer
  213. "no image available" image problem
  214. Different sizes of same product as different items
  215. Browser Problems
  216. Error Message when updating
  217. Unable to get one of my merchants coupons to display
  218. Getting Comparision Sets To Show Up In Store
  219. 2 "browse by" forms don't work
  220. Incorrect results showing
  221. SunglassesShop.co.uk has changed their image names
  222. Store page won't load, store won't update
  223. Site wont update for the first time
  224. Store Wont update
  225. ERROR: - Store data cannot be read (mysql),
  226. Category pages not working.
  227. Double default store front page in factory
  228. All page links go to store front page
  229. Duplicate products
  230. Price filter only works on sidebar
  231. looping update cycle
  232. Change in affiliate ID not updating
  233. 404 on Store page
  234. Store won't update
  235. Links lead to 404 pages.
  236. Store Will Not Apear on Navagation Bar
  237. Store won't display after update (Error 404)
  238. My store is not creating and not in navagation bar
  239. Oops, That wasn't found
  240. Insert product image into Drip Feed Post
  241. store won't upload
  242. Drip Error
  243. Google Affiliate Link Not Working
  244. Comparison Set Not Working
  245. Cannot download store data (curl_error)
  246. my datafeedr search bar doesnt work
  247. Missing Merchant Logos
  248. Related Products Not Displaying
  249. Fatal error: Call to a member function product_list() on a non-object
  250. iThemes & Widget problems