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  1. Newbie with a few questions.
  2. Useful Version 3 Links
  3. URL Settings
  4. V3 Comparison Tool
  5. www. version in menu
  6. How do I update one store with multiple sites?
  7. Multi Site Safe?
  8. ... update my buttons on all of my pages in one go?
  9. ... get the default product list back on the front page?
  10. ... copy templates to another shop?
  11. ... make product images bigger in the product list?
  12. ... append the store keywords to the category keywords?
  13. Mass import of various things...
  14. Store summary
  15. Replicate a V1 Product Block
  16. Embedding a View in a .php page
  17. description limits, link and meta tags
  18. How to Duplicate a View
  19. How to Set Up Coupon/Deals Feeds
  20. How to Not Display Category if it is Empty
  21. Meta title for the front page
  22. Wordpress 3 WPMU
  23. Embedding an entire category in a post
  24. Customizing Homepage with View
  25. Is it possible to hide particular categories in the category widget?
  26. Auto reload of the categories
  27. how to assign unique meta keyword, titles, desc to categories
  28. Does the URL Settings default, create duplicate content?
  29. Connection Key
  30. In V3 can you still...
  31. Category Images on Store Front Page
  32. Missing Logos
  33. Custom Producuct Descriptions
  34. Update settings only, from within plugin
  35. Import store from old factory
  36. Affiliate ID in URLs
  37. Cannot change the default Welcome Message
  38. How does a user search for products?
  39. Set the store as the homepage
  40. Correct format for tracking parameters
  41. How do I change the product title size?
  42. buy button in product page
  43. Save Search
  44. New Site Set Up question
  45. Datafeedr shop txt file - ShopperPress
  46. A statement, not a question
  47. Editing the image size of the datafeedr product widget
  48. Where to find other store fields
  49. How do I add Google Analytics tracking?
  50. Switch back to version 1
  51. Previewing Store Before Downloading
  52. Running Datafeedr On A Development Server
  53. What's the most efficient way to update styling in many stores now?
  54. What are your conversion rates?
  55. Query Filter excluding keyword
  56. Adding category descriptions in v3
  57. enable comments?
  58. How to avoid duplicate content?
  59. Questions about auto-updates.
  60. Assign Custom View to More Than 1 category?
  61. Redirect of old Category URLs
  62. 3 or 4 column category list
  63. How to format subcategories in widgets?
  64. Details Button Link to Merchants
  65. Associate one coupon code with one merchant on a product page
  66. Change embedded widget titles?
  67. How do I change the size of H tags?
  68. How do I change underlined hyperlinks to Not Underlined?
  69. How do I change image sizes
  70. How do I change single product page price size?
  71. How do I change product list design in Store View
  72. Duplicating Store to Modify It for Another Use, Yet Keeping Original for Later Use
  73. How do I redirect 404s
  74. How do I display a merchant logo?
  75. Related Product Button Color
  76. How to Auto select active merchants ?
  77. Store problems with Wordpress
  78. How to "SEO" Handle Tags, Merchant, Price Searches pages?
  79. Now that attributes are gone...
  80. datafeedr widget
  81. Change text that appears above browser bar for each page
  82. Edit Category Widget "Heading"
  83. Is there a way to select products for my front page?
  84. Random results instead of by price?
  85. How to delete products added by subscription
  86. Nonce error
  87. How to add 'sale items' custom view as a category page?
  88. Is the sale price the sale price?
  89. Submitting Merchant Logos
  90. Autosubmit of category sorting resets other query variables
  91. Categorisation
  92. Sale price not showing
  93. How do I make a category view for my sidebar that only includes one main category?
  94. Possible to not update a certain category?
  95. Store as Sub Domain
  96. Show all sub-categories for a specific parent category
  97. Post contents of Text module in Default Category View
  98. Are product descriptions updated when store updates?
  99. Delete product detail page to send customers directly to merchant website?
  100. Adding 'products per page' and 'sort by' drop down menus to pages
  101. Can you send query strings to product pages?
  102. Drip post and Feature Images
  103. Missing data on products
  104. comparison sites
  105. Hard Coding v3 Sidebar Widgets
  106. How do I make unique title tags for price filter widget pages?
  107. Dexclusive missing from Shareasale Coupons?
  108. How do I make unique title tags for merchant filter widget pages?
  109. How do I remove the underline from the category list links?
  110. Embedding Search Box in the PHP
  111. Show subcatagories in widget menu
  112. Can I change sorting template to sort like the Price Widget Filter?
  113. Embed Product Image inside Post
  114. Which Category URL Setting is Best?
  115. Redirecting Old Product Image URLs
  116. Custom text box at top of specific category?
  117. How to center category image?
  118. How to Wrap Text in Product Detail view
  119. Merchant products not up to date in Datafeedr?
  120. Price comparison websites
  121. Comparing Product Prices By Merchant
  122. Redirection of Pages = Lost Page Rank!
  123. Code
  124. How can I find out when a new feature has been made available?
  125. How do I format Product List Column One?
  126. Can I use Google Website Optimizer?
  127. How Can I One Category Parent Link to Product Listing?
  128. How can I edit a single product's description or add to it?
  129. Search box is too wide, Go button drops to next line
  130. sub category question
  131. Product Title Question
  132. Custom text field for category also on sub pages?
  133. 'Home' in the category widget
  134. Default wordpress menu/post embed
  135. Is there a final answer about coupon sites?
  136. How to send multiple product IDS to custom view
  137. if ($merchant_id = 'xxxxx') then...
  138. Which Category Does a Product Belong to?
  139. WP Templates
  140. change font color on store home page
  141. New User Here with ??s
  142. Include Datafeedr categories in Thesis 1.8 nav bar
  143. Store "slipped" off page???
  144. How Do Store Back Ups Really Work?
  145. When will the "Duplicate This Category" Be Available?
  146. 1 store license and subdomains?
  147. How do I insert product photo into drip-fed posts?
  148. Help with Custom views, please
  149. Embedding PhpBay into pages
  150. Is WP Super Cache a good thing?
  151. Best Permalinks Structure for DFr
  152. Custom view for select pages
  153. Create category homepage
  154. Memcache...
  155. Drip Feed Text Blocks
  156. New Install
  157. Can I prevent text from displaying on category page 2 and up?
  158. Can I use a feed that is not from a network?
  159. Auto updates questions
  160. Is there a view all sort feature?
  161. Custom product info/image display problem
  162. How to get Amazon products on my website?
  163. Filter By Merchant - Merchants Wrong
  164. Is custom product information searchable by subscriptions?
  165. Filtering products - duplicates
  166. trailing slash on category page
  167. Image Aligment
  168. Change featured products?
  169. Change the main store page title
  170. "Browse by" on the Store's Home Page
  171. Store categorys showing in 2 columns?
  172. How do I link the details to the merchant
  173. Custom filters
  174. add just the featured products to my main page of my site
  175. how do i make the category and product detail pages use a particular page template
  176. Changing Button Colors
  177. Add Custom Button Colors???
  178. Show One Sub Category Only in Category Widget
  179. Negative keywords
  180. Add All?
  181. Buffer Page
  182. Where am I going wrong?
  183. New user questions - v3
  184. Store Set Up
  185. factory categories as WP menu items?
  186. Filter to find items on sale?
  187. factory select ALL products from one merchant
  188. Change Widget CSS
  189. Chance All Product Name Title Colors
  190. Change search form layout
  191. Product detail template - add border?
  192. Moving a store?
  193. Product list with jquery rotator template?
  194. Remove ALL Filters
  195. Merchant Filter Will Not Show Merchant Correctly
  196. Dropdown Filters Code
  197. lack of on page SEO capability is the only major drawback to Datafeedr, but its HUGE.
  198. How to increase the size of the images in the Related Product boxes?
  199. Categories
  200. Is there an easy way to remove the merchant filter on all search subscriptions?
  201. Filter by Merchant
  202. Filter Categories
  203. Removing DFR footprint?
  204. Remove product description from related products?
  205. How can I increase the price size on product page?
  206. Redirect store front page
  207. search for product in Factory
  208. Rename widget title?
  209. Lightbox/Thickbox
  210. How do I change to shop
  211. where to edit store items
  212. Remove Tag Cloud From Product Page
  213. New "compset_status" variable
  214. New sort variable
  215. datafeedr categories
  216. Will this Plug In work with DFR?
  217. Search in specific category
  218. Category Descriptions
  219. Adding individual products quickly
  220. Url format
  221. Using non supported networks
  222. How to Override the Plural Search
  223. Updated to unlimited plan
  224. Is datafeedr version 3.1 ready?
  225. Changing Text Size
  226. short codes
  227. Setting up different stores in 1 website
  228. How do you add products manually?
  229. How to select only one product in a series?
  230. Coupon Widget
  231. How to Sort Custom Category Views
  232. Adding more info the the title tag
  233. showing products from specific merchant only
  234. Google Feed
  235. Number of products in store
  236. Sort product categories
  237. Question regarding Amazon API
  238. Add store categories to wp category list?
  239. Filters On Categories
  240. GEO
  241. Redirect on images in custom directories?
  242. Frequency of merchant datafeed updates in factory?
  243. Category Images in Widget
  244. How do you check product views/clicks?
  245. Browser Site Name/Random Products
  246. Add a Non Network Merchant?
  247. Tie product page to PayPal/Shopping Cart?
  248. Removing Duplicate Products
  249. Disable a category?
  250. 37k + Products