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  1. Append Datafeedr Store Categories to Default WordPress Primary Menu
  2. Removing the page title "Store" from your store pages
  3. Add drop down menus for store categories
  4. Make your store's front page the homepage of your website.
  5. Thesis 1.8 & Datafeedr Version 3 - Removing "Store" & extra <meta> tags
  6. Create a multi-column listing of your categories.
  7. Display coupons on a product details page from same merchant as the product
  8. Drip Specific Category
  9. Adding a back button to your Product Detail page
  10. Creating filters that do the work of categories
  11. Drip products to one specific category?
  12. Custom Filters
  13. Displaying related products on dripped posts.
  14. Merchant and Brand filter Widgets
  15. Universal site settings
  16. Custom title and description tags
  17. Search box code
  18. How to create a "Sales" page category?
  19. Default product order
  20. Embed Product Comparison Set Into Post Question
  21. Don't use Firefox for the factory
  22. Adding a Sort Filter to your Category Pages.
  23. Display sub-category images on category pages
  24. Add image to a product widget comparison set ?
  25. Maximum number of products on a page
  26. Product display background color
  27. adding count to filter
  28. Randomise products on homepage
  29. Multiple category and sub-category insertion
  30. Speed up your store!
  31. Filter Bank images
  32. Display categories as thumbnails
  33. Unique content on ALL product pages
  34. Is it Possible to Merge Category content?
  35. Filter onsale items
  36. Page titles and meta descriptions on filtered pages
  37. Creating SEO Pages from filtered category views
  38. Widget Context Fix
  39. Tracking affiliate clicks in Google Analytics
  40. Ask us (almost) anything Webinar Signup
  41. cut="xx words" Attribute in a link?
  42. Drop down menus for Brands, Merchants and Networks
  43. Custom content on search results
  44. Add a list of merchant logos to your sidebar
  45. What to do when product images cannot be saved locally or their URL masked
  46. [GET] Free plugin that delivers all datafeedr images through TimThumb and masks urls
  47. Hosting Images On My Site
  48. Shorten Meta Description
  49. Adding categories to my Nav Bar
  50. Can't get the "Items On Sale" page to show in menu nav.
  51. Shop by brand
  52. Related products
  53. Add Facebook Like Button to Product Detail Page
  54. Store page conditional functions to use in your theme's PHP template files.
  55. Facebook Like Button - Adding a like button to your store's front page
  56. Facebook Like Button - Adding a like button to your product detail pages
  57. Facebook Like Button - Adding a like button to your category pages
  58. Facebook Like Button - Adding a like button to each product on the category page
  59. Details button missing when adding FB code
  60. Category specific Dropdown filters
  61. Turn on Compression
  62. Pinterest 'Pin It' Button
  63. remove category names from category page
  64. limit price of items displayed in store front
  65. Social Ring Plugin Into Product Pages
  66. Custom Formatting Category Page
  67. Easy filtering possible?
  68. Landing Page
  69. category display
  70. Add a category drop down menu to the Advanced Search
  71. StoreYa integration
  72. Merchant Issues
  73. StoreYa Feedback
  74. Dropship Plug-in
  75. See What your Visitors are Doing
  76. "Only Sale Items"
  77. Is here a genious?
  78. Filter with custom query?
  79. New Trick: Combine Datafeedr product search with Wordpress posts search
  80. Hiding the sidebar on products
  81. Google indexing related products widget, any ideas?
  82. CSS styles to make your store's columns responsive
  83. Synonym Uppercase/Lowercase
  84. Sale Page 50% off
  85. More than One New Widget View based on Keyword
  86. Formatting product description
  87. Indexing Store Home & Categories
  88. Add a product into your blog post
  89. Adding an opt-in function to Buy button
  90. How to show products in posts via tags?
  91. How to show products in posts via tags?
  92. loading speed
  93. Add Specific Products to Posts