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Originally Posted by Estrella86 View Post
Still no reply from A4Y?
We finally got the good news that the issues have been fixed.

As soon as the network updates that are currently running are finished we start a new Affiliate4You update.

I'll update this thread when the new Affiliate4You update is live.

Originally Posted by Estrella86 View Post
I have the same thing with The Body Shop (Tradedoubler) now. I asked them first about this, to be sure it wasn't their datafeed that was causing the problems, seeing as the sale prices with Yves Rocher work fine and so I thought it wouldn't be a Datafeedr-Tradedouber-code problem. At the end of October they (TBS) told me they changed their datafeed so that everything should work fine now. I know that you don't update every day, so I waited to ask you about this to be sure you would've updated their datafeed, so that their changed would be live. The sale prices still don't show though and so now I want to ask you whether you can tell if it's something with their datafeed or the way they filled it in or the DatafeedR-Tradedoubler-code or...? When was the last Tradedoubler update?
See attached screenshot.

As you can see TBS has products with a sale price - currently only 4.

So at first sight TBS is using the price fields in the datafeed correctly.

If you want me to check a specific TBS product where you would expect a sale price please send me the exact product name (or the product ID in Datafeedr) so I can check the datafeed.

The last TD NL update was yesterday 11/11. You can see that when you click the "more info" link that you find under each product. Then look for the "Modified Date" in the header.
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