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Still no reply from A4Y?

I have the same thing with The Body Shop (Tradedoubler) now. I asked them first about this, to be sure it wasn't their datafeed that was causing the problems, seeing as the sale prices with Yves Rocher work fine and so I thought it wouldn't be a Datafeedr-Tradedouber-code problem. At the end of October they (TBS) told me they changed their datafeed so that everything should work fine now. I know that you don't update every day, so I waited to ask you about this to be sure you would've updated their datafeed, so that their changed would be live. The sale prices still don't show though and so now I want to ask you whether you can tell if it's something with their datafeed or the way they filled it in or the DatafeedR-Tradedoubler-code or...? When was the last Tradedoubler update?

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