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I've actually never thought of it that way. At first I was really happy with the product pages, because it makes it all look more like a 'real' shop. Then I noticed how many text errors there are in the product details (seriously, misspelled words, grammar mistakes, words without a space in between, etc.). I was thinking about changing all the text bit by bit, but it's like 9.000 products... I also thought about duplicate content and such, and so I was still considering whether or not to remove the product pages.

But yeah, like you've said, it is kinda weird to let people click through to a details page on your site, just to let them click through to another details pages. It's even more weird because not all the details are shown on my site, such as e.g. sizes of baskets. So the text that is shown, is still incomplete...

Ok, thought about it, I'm going to remove the product detail pages! Thanks for your advice, I probably would've kept it this way for quite a while if it wasn't for you. Now that I say these things 'out loud' it makes it all clearer.