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Good morning!
Thanks for trying to help me out again! Apparently I don't need it though: what happened kinda gives a whole new meaning to the phrase 'help yourself': when I woke up this morning, everything was alright which is good, obviously, but weird, right?

Anyway, it's working again, so I can go on trying to fix the 'read more' toggle thing and such. I think I'll just never try and touch functions.php again though. I'm also afraid to add the canonical link bit you, Stefan, pointed out to me, since I have to put that in functions.php. Maybe it wasn't my fault at all and just had something to do with... something else? Seeing as it works fine now without doing anything... or maybe it just needed some 'time to heal' after I copy pasted the new functions.php text...

Thanks so much for adding this helpful bit though: hadn't it worked now, it probably would have with your zip file, I think!

Edit: right... apparently it's not that weird at all: while I was stressing out yesterday night I texted my brother and apparently he could find the error (he can go into my database and everything) and fixed it. I just texted him all happy like no worries, it works again. And then he texted me back: you think some gnomes did that? (it's an expression in Dutch, don't know whether you can understand it, I think in English it's something like: 'you think it just fell out of the sky?' or 'you think that just came out of nowhere?' I think)

Right, I need to go now.. go laugh at myself for thinking it actually came out of nowhere..

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