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After you have answered the question above.

How do i get my widget filters to work without the user pressing a go button? So when the option is selected in the drop down it automatically selects?

If this isnt possible,

do you know why my go button wont work with the size option?

<?php if (@$_GET['word']) { ?>
<a href="[server.url type='fullpage' query='-word">[X] Remove Size filter</a>
<?php } else { ?>

<select name="word">
<option value="'Extra Small'|XS">XSmall</option>
<option value="'Small'|S">Small</option>
<option value="'Medium Short'|MS">MS</option>
<option value="'Medium'|M">Medium</option>
<option value="'Medium Tall'|MT">Medium Tall</option>
<option value="'Large'|L">Large</option>
<option value="'Large Short'|LS">Large Short</option>
<option value="'Large Tall'|LT">Large Tall</option>
<option value="'Extra Large'|XL">Extra Large</option>
<option value="'06'|XXS">UK6</option>
<option value="'08'|XS">UK8</option>
<option value="'10'|S">UK10</option>
<option value="'12'|M">UK12</option>
<option value="'14'|L">UK14</option>
<option value="'16'|XL">UK16</option>
<option value="'18'|XXL">UK18</option>
<input type="submit" value="Go" />
<?php } ?>
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