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all I can say is, um, WOW!
This gets to be very thick stuff, esp for a newb such as myself.

That also seems to have fixed another minor issue I have with Suffusion ... no ability to drag-n-drop widgets. I've had to turn off accessibility mode and use the 'add' button. Just tried d-n-d a widget and it worked.

BUT: the home page does not show the store, and left-hand sidebars are missing.

also: did you get my PM about datafeedr update failing? Do you think that's tied to these same suffusion issues?

I'm tempted to try activating a different theme (maybe Flexibility) to see if it's more compatible. I'm early enough in my site design and my store building that for this first store it may be wise to go with a theme that assures compatibility, even if I need to forego some aesthetic aspects. Thoughts?