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Hi All:
I've found a couple solutions for those who are using Suffusion ...
The first is a global solution: it removes ALL page titles from ALL posts and pages, which may be undesirable if you want to keep your titles on your blog posts. Within Suffusion Options, go to 'back end settings' and choose the 'custom includes' tab. In the 'css box' add this code:

h1.posttitle {
display: none;

h1.posttitle {
padding-top: 0;

As mentioned, this removes all h1 titles from all pages & posts.

A better solution is to edit the page, and scroll down to "additional options for suffusion" and tick the box "do not display the page title." You'll need to do this for each page you do not want to display a title ... but that's probably only a handful of static pages (in my case: home, store, contact, about ... just the ones where a page title seems redundant.

Eric: Just as an aside, I tried your technique from the video, just using a space instead of page title within WP editor. That caused 'store' to disappear from my nav-menu (replaced with a space). I'm sure I could have fixed that within permalinks & page display in navbar in menu settings, but I wanted to pursue getting 'home' and 'contact' etc removed from page titles as well.

Hope that helps!