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Sounds like a great trick and great plugin and something definitely needed with these Datafeedr Store/Blogs ...

Too bad it's not built in to Datafeedr plugin directly or in the Factory for everyone - While i respect the monetization aspect for all the hard work you do, to me this just isn't worth signing up for another membership fee at this point, just to get that plugin. Can you sell it to Eric and Datafeedr? ;-) lol

I see from my stats (as little as they are) that most 'hits' to the store pages don't include blog posts in the mix, and very little blog post traffic directs to store pages. I think it's the same way with the search - disjointed. For my blogs with stores I just post two search boxes one for each blog and products. For my stores with the blog posts, I just leave it with the search for products and let google be the search my blog.

Originally Posted by dhilditch View Post
I've just finished my new ajax search plugin for datafeedr which allows your users to search Datafeedr products, datafeedr categories and Wordpress Posts from one search box.

The categories include the product count for that category and the response is immediate in a beautifully styled drop down that appears under the search box as the user types.

Get it here:
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