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Default Dropship Plug-in

Greetings All!

Some may have seen me ask a question about getting cusotmers to pay for the goods direct using paypal.

Thanks to David form affiliate web designers I am now running such a plug-in.

It over-rides the datafeedr affiliate button and replaces it with a paypal buy button.

There are some steps and it is relatively easy to do them and David was fantastic in getting it to work.

I have set it only to override NZ cusotmers but you can set it to do more countries than this, but the issue you run into is the shipping cost.

If you go to my site, you notice a widget appearing top right which tells you what country you are from, thats how the plug-in knows where the customer comes from. It is part of the plug-in.

It definately is not the ideal solution to dropship but as I wanted it for one country it may suffice for me and I am keen to see what happens.

Still think Guys you should be developing a dropship model for datafeedr. It was not that difficult for David to code something simple up like this and change some of the code in the DFR templates to make it work.

This is NOT a cart, it simply replace the affilate Buy Now button with a Paypal Buy Now button which I configured in Paypal and copied the code into the plug-in.

If you interested to see it working for your country, just let me know and I add your country to the allowable countries in the plug-in which will allow the paypal button to show up.

Again Kudos to David to working with me to code the plug-in and supply the necessary code for the DFR templates and his proce was reasonable.