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sorry, now I am lost with that response. I have no idea where to modify that.
I was suggesting that for every product I load from UK amazon, datafeedr creates this link automatically. Example below from one product

I go to product info and I change the tag=thriftytrac0e-20 to my UK ID which would be tag+thriftytrac0e-21 and keep everything the same. I assume that the rest of the URL will not impact getting credited as far as I pass the right ID

However I also have the option to change the entire URL with what amazon give me for this product which is

it would be much more painful to have to do the second one. This is why I am checking if my first approach works. That's easy to change in the more info but i am concerned if the SubscriptionID has any impact.

I think there is a solution to all this and trying to figure out the easiest way before I start loading products.