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I seem to be having much better luck editing the default template 6 in the category list module.

[category.list id='dfcatcol3' before='<div class="cl">' after='</div>']
<div class="cell col3">
<div class="bdr">
<br />
<div class="catdesc"><a href="[]" <img src="[category.thumbnail]" alt="[]"></a></div>
[category.list id='dfcatcol3' before='<ul>' after='</ul>']
<a href="[]" title="[]">[]</a>
[category.repeat id='dfcatcol3']

I really only know some basic html so I don't know what I am doing lol. I feel like its almost perfect. Is there a simple way to center images from top to bottom using this method?

Any help from anyone would be appreciated. (There you can see how the nokia and kyocer logos are a bit off, and I guess I need a smaller apple logo)