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Originally Posted by stefan View Post
1. Home/Family|Home Décor are the categories used in the datafeed for all 791 products in the feed. So yes, the merchant did a poor job in categorizing their products.

3. Use only the merchant filter in your search to display all products at once. You need to create at least one category so you can pull the products in.

3a. Yes, the urls will be rewritten if you change the categories. Note however that the original category page(s) may already have been indexed when you do so! That's why it's better imo to create the proper store category structure now.
1. Indeed.

3. Done:

3a. I think I'm going to hire a gopher @ $5/hr to manually enter in all products one-by-on, and to also enter in every image URL from Max CDN (see thread here). It'll take a few days of work, but like you said, I think it'll be worth the expense. For example, using the mass import "merchant" filter, I was able to bring in all of the products under one category named "products." Here is one product page, for example:

So, that's the URL. It's live now. It'll probably get indexed. Question: Once I get my gopher to set everything up with its proper categories, how do I redirect every product url towards the new Category -> Product URL?

I hope that makes sense.

4. Last, how do I remove the Tag Could?

Thank you,

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