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Originally Posted by stefan View Post
1. If category information is available in the feed the categories are available in the product tags that you see under each product record in the Factory. You can use the tag filter in your searches if you want to pull in products per category.

2. I downloaded the latest feed and I can only find 11 Ventline products. So it looks like merchant has not included all their products in the feed.
Thanks for the reply, Stefan.

1. I tried searching by tags and other parameters, but most of the time, there were no results. The merchant tagged every singe product with this:
  • décor
  • family
  • home
  • home-décor
  • home-family

Did the merchant do a lousy job on their feed or something?

2. Agreed.

3. If I'm not able to stock up my products into their respective categories, I have a back up plan. With that in mind, how can I pull all the products in at once just so I can start adv SEO? I need to load it up with content before I can start marketing the site.

3a. If I do pull them in all at once, and then change the URLs later (to categorize them, etc), will WP/DFR rewrite the URLs for me?

Thank you,