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Default Pagination Links issue

Before I mention my latest problem can I just say good work on the Update Settings Only Option in datafeedr. Will make life a lot easier.

Right, today's problem

On previous advice from Eric about my pages not showing as I have a lot of categories with the same name I have renamed the links to store/category/%ci/. I can now get the individual categories so that is all fine. What isn't working now is the Pagination Links.

For example, the homepage of my Jackets category has the url of (note the category ID no in there which means that the system now knows the difference between a black dress and a black skirt) but in the pagination links at the top of the bottom if I want to go to the 2nd page of results the url is formatted thusly which of course gives me a 404 as there is no category 2.

I have been through the factory and cannot work out how to change the pagination to reflect the sites new url structure.

The code I am using for pagination links is
<!-- Pagination Links (Bottom) -->
<div class="pgr">
[pager.first text='<img src="[server.plugin_url]/first.gif" alt="first page" />' alt='']
[pager.prev text='<img src="[server.plugin_url]/prev.gif" alt="prev page" />' alt='']
[pager.pages delim=' ']
[ text='<img src="[server.plugin_url]/next.gif" alt="next page" />' alt='']
[pager.last text='<img src="[server.plugin_url]/last.gif" alt="last page" />' alt='']
<!-- /Pagination Links (Bottom) -->

My url settings are: