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The merchant is not a member of any network - he just has an ecommerce website with a feed and he wants his products in our store. It's a shame that can't be done right now in datafeedr.

But what really worries me is the fact that all custom products will disappear when we upgrade to V3 - that means I'm darned if I do, and darned if I don't.

If I do upload them manually now so that I can earn advertising $$$$, I will have to do it all again when we upgrade (and this means losing $$$$ paid for data entry) - darn!

If I don't upload them manually now so that I can avoid losing data entry $$$$, but then custom products feature does not appear in V3 in the next few weeks, then I've lost advertising $$$$ BIG TIME - darn!

I can't win...

I guess that the only solution is for me to request once again - to please add the custom products feature to V3 ASAP.