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Default Datafeedr not working

Was having problems with products not showing up so sorted out the permalinks and all the things in the videos, still not working so I uninstaled shopperpress and wordpress then reinstalled it all again downloaded Datafeedr click activate and nothing happerned, looked in the tools but no Datafeedr????

got this email from host bluehost
This is to inform you that the automatic update on your website ( has failed. Please see the error message(s) below:

-Store data cannot be read,
Technical details:
plugin/plugin:143 view=none
app/tracker:61 track: no referrer
app/update:103 BEGIN: status=read
unlink /tmp/_dfrtmp_3e0b48f75f837cbceed792741f329090
app/reader:68 header: expect: 3.5 found: %2F%2ADATAFEEDR%3A3.4%2A%2F%0A
app/update:155 UPDATE FAILED
ERROR: err_read bad_header_version(122)

URL: /index.php